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Due to the reason of my Visa to stay in Germany, I had to live in Taiwan alone during the pregnancy; I could only get connected with Michael via Skype. It was tough to handle everything by myself; I even went to the hospital alone to give birth. I was forced to be strong.

After giving birth, I was not alone anymore. First time in my life I felt that I am a grown-up person, I was strong enough to carry everything on my shoulders. However, I worried if I could be a good mother for my baby. How to take care of her, how to take a shower for this little girl; how about food or milk? I thought, facing to a new life, I could never be careful enough and responsible for her.

Although I tried to study all baby books as many as possible; they show novice mothers how to test the bath water temperature, how to disinfect the bottles, they even explain how to understand different meanings when your baby cries.

Less than two weeks, all worries and problems solved naturally. I did not get a tutor but realized how to be a mother from the natural instinct. It was not necessary to understand why my baby girl cried, I took her in my arms and felt her heartbeats; we finally fell asleep together in the same respiratory rate.

It was just about two months, the little doll became a real individual; she had her needs and emotions. To be honest, instead of a relationshop between a mother and a child; she was more like a girlfriend to me, I shared with her about my thoughts, worries; she supported me at that time, when the time was tough. In the past years, we face to the same issues and troubles that all families would have; financial condition, relationship, and parenting. That baby girl is now eleven years old, and all baby issues are far away from our daily life. However, I realized from the past years that parents who are calm and elegant could cultivate children who will have the gentle and peaceful temperament.

Being calm and elegant not only in the outer clothing but having a free and serene mind state that would help us to go with the flow and find a balance in it.

My father has been a stubborn person; he was very severe in education. When we were small, we had always felt careful and aware not to step on his mines. Moreover, my mother stuck in among her husband and children; she had chosen to escape from reality and just done her duty as a mother. From the growing background, My personality is very depressing; I do not know how to communicate with others, I doubt myself and have no self-confidence. My inner part has never been free. For a long time, I had fallen into such stress.

When my daughter was old enough to express her needs and emotions, I realized that I did not know how to communicate with her. Moreover, I gave her my stress; several times, I felt her fear and uneasiness in the beginning years of her baby period.

Luckily, my partner who has an easygoing personality, that helps and remedies the parts that I was lacking. Progressively, the stressful situation has been solved. My personality is still depressed; however, I have learned how to stay with my girl and listen to her needs.

We expect our children to reach our wishes and claim; however, we sometimes forget that they are just a mirror to reflect how we are in their minds, and then follow our behavior to act. Only when we are calm and free in mind; our children might develop a peaceful temperament. When I tried to compose the shooting for Seed Stroller, it reminded me the old times. From experience, I think it is also important to have easy-to-use baby accessories and equipment to help us for better parenting.

Going out with a baby or a child is a challenge of energy and endurance; there is a long list that you have to prepare to bring with you even just for a coffee in a Cafe on the corner. Bags and things hang on the stroller; it is hard to be light-packed. I was so stressful with our old and big and heavy stroller that was even not a low price stuff. I could not fine a proper space in my little apartment in Taiwan; after moving to Germany, we could also not put the stroller into our car easily. What a problem we had. A stroller does not exist in our life for a long time. However, I think it is important to introduce you good brands or products that I know due to the opportunities I get from work. The weekend when I received the stroller; my daughter stayed with me in the living room to study how to construct the stroller. She tried to put herself in the stroller and can not believe that she was so small.

The main construction of Seed is in an L shape; it teams with various seats and accessories for different needs and different age babies or children. Moreover, given its height of only 22 cm when folded together. It is hard to believe that how huge our old one was.

When we shot the campaign, I also filmed a video to show you how to fold the stroller. Looking at the model mother how she acted with her little girl, it warmed my heart on that sunny and golden weekend.
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Behind The Scenes:
Here I would like to show you some behind the scenes photos. After shooting, my daughter asked me to show her the images; afterward, she told me that the new generation is lucky to have good strollers.