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Hello lovelies. It’s Sunday and we enjoy a wonderful morning here at our household.

Today’s post features my little angel Chloé and I catching some summer rays in the Killesberg Park and to be precise in the children’s zoo. One of our go-to activities during this pretty hot summer has been to get to parks, forests and fields for long strolls. So I don’t know about you other moms out there, but if there is one thing my baby obviously loves doing more than anything else…it is strolling in her awesome stroller observing people and environment. We are currently obsessed with our Seed Papilio beauty (u can read more details about it in my review here).I think if she could already talk she might ask me to go to the parks even more often.

Overall, our visit to one of the Stuttgart’s most awesome places was amazing. Killesberg is a place one can relax low-key, eat and enjoy the most splendid nature.This place always helps to unplug and recharge! Now I am feeling fresh and motivated for the upcoming new week. I think each mom needs to bring soul & body in the right place.

We are sending you the best vibes only and thank you sweeties for following along on the blog and Insta. Speak soon!